Sakura Teshigawara is a main character in Samon-kun wa Summoner. She is the class representative of class 2-A of Solomon High.

Appearance Edit

Teshigawara is a short and skinny girl, with dark, bobbed hair. She is usually seen wearing the Solomon High uniform, which, for girls, consists of a blue dress and a white blouse with a red tie.

Personality Edit

Her most well known attribute is that she is adored and seen as Buddha by almost anyone who knows her, due to her kindness. This in fact, started a cult following by her male classmates, and made her extremely popular in the demon world. She is as kind as everyone portrays her to be, and will do whatever she can to help those around her, being unable to resist to pressure, no matter how odd the request. However, this causes Shosuke Samon to loathe and tease her.

She loves chicken wings, and might even turn violent if she is not allowed to have them. Her favorite dessert is chicken wing flavored pudding.